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Fueled with the raw energy and unapologetic spirit of Rebellion. With a fearless blend of aggressive metal, blistering guitar riffs, and politically charged lyrics, KILLHOUSE delivers an explosive sonic assault that leaves no listener indifferent.

Fronted by charismatic and powerful vocalist Jarod Hensel formerly of American Lab Rat). KILLHOUSE combines the aggressive vocal delivery of a true metal maniac with fierce intensity and intelligence, creating a unique fusion that demands attention. Russell Keith’s (formerly of Hell’s Half Acre) razor-sharp guitar riffs, Michael Greathouse’s (formerly of I The Villian) heavy bass lines, and Josh Campbell’s (formerly Hell’s Half Acre) thunderous drumming form a sonic foundation that drives their explosive performances.

KILLHOUSE unleashes a sonic manifesto against social insanity, political corruption, and the oppressive systems that plague our society. With a fiery sound and confrontational lyrics they forge a path of sonic resistance, urging listeners to question the status quo and demand change.